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20L/31.5Mpa piston accumulator

Why this product?
This product is mainly used for the hydraulic auto-dumping system in off-highway dump truck (i.e. haul truck).

Mining areas in different countries have various temperatures, and the highest value may be over 50°C while the lowest value is even lower than -40°C. This piston accumulator could work for quite a long time even under harsh working conditions, and it fits perfectly for this application.


Possible Trouble
For a piston accumulator, the seal ring is of great importance. If the piston is not properly installed during assembly process, the seal ring on the piston will be set at abnormal position, and it will be distorted or even broken into pieces when the accumulator works. As a result, oil or gas leakage will occur, leading to product failure.

Under the above condition, the piston accumulator needs to be sent back to our factory. We will replace the damaged seal ring with a new one, and reinstall the accumulator strictly in accordance with the standard assembly procedure. After passing test that is carried out at higher oil pressure and gas pressure, technically speaking, two times of design values for both of them, the accumulator is allowed to leave the factory.