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    1. Hydraulic Accumulator BladderThe accumulator is a specially designed device used to store fluid under pressure. As we know, fluid can't be compressed. So, we take advantage of the compressibility of inert gas to realize this purpose. Our hydraulic accumulator bladder is installed inside the accumulator shell to store inert gas, and energy will be stored and released owing to the good elasticity of this rubber-made product.
    1. Hydraulic Accumulator Charging KitThe hydraulic accumulator charging kit is mainly composed of storage case, valve body (with M28×1.5 internal thread), central spindle, non-return valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, charging hose (typically 3 meters long), connection adapter, spanner wrench, gas valve torque wrench, pull rod and extension segments, etc.
    1. Hydraulic Accumulator Safety BlockOur hydraulic accumulator safety block mainly contains two types, one is ASV1/AQF, and the other is ASV3/AJ.
      The AQF series hydraulic accumulator safety block is a scientifically designed product. It usually works as an accessory of accumulator for safety and shut-off purposes, and it is installed between accumulator and hydraulic system.
    1. Hydraulic Accumulator ClampWhen mounting an accumulator, its shell and connection joint should not be faced with external stress, and this is extremely important when mounting large accumulators or horizontal installation method is applied. Under this condition, fastening devices, typically hydraulic accumulator clamp bracket and U bolt, must be adopted to fasten the accumulator, thereby avoiding dangerous vibration and inclination.
    1. Hydraulic Accumulator BracketFor a hydraulic accumulator bracket with outer diameter of 229mm, it should be specified as BB-229. This product is mainly used to support accumulators to avoid sliding if they are installed vertically.
    1. Mobile Nitrogen Charging UnitAs indicated by its name, the mobile nitrogen charging unit is especially designed to fill nitrogen gas into bladder accumulator, piston accumulator, diaphragm accumulator and other high pressure vessels. Our product has a maximum charging pressure of 42Mpa, and it shows the advantage of simple operation as well as excellent mobility.
    1. Hydraulic Oil Filter VehicleOur products are divided into 3-stage type and 5-stage type, and they are characterized by compact structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, high filtration precision (NAS 6), etc.
      In hydraulic systems, nearly 90% of failures are caused by improper cleanliness of working medium, namely the hydraulic oil. Given this, our technicians take advantage of their years of experience in studying relevant cases to successfully develop this BMFC hydraulic oil filter vehicle, perfectly improving hydraulic oil quality and lowering failure rate.
    1. Hydraulic Accumulator Repair ToolThe bladder pull rods are available in various lengths to fit for different sized bladders.
      The gas valve core tool is used to remove and reinstall gas valve core.
      The spanner wrench is applicable for diverse accumulators to mount and dismount oil valve.
    1. Nitrogen Gas BottleProduct code: NB refers to back-up nitrogen gas bottle
      Structure: S for single nozzle, D for dual nozzle, and N means no nozzle
      Outer diameter of bottle in mm
      Nominal volume in litter or gallon
      Nominal pressure in Mpa or psi

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