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    1. FPU Hydraulic Accumulator Charging KitDuring working, the charging head should be directly connected to the accumulator valve, and the flexible charging hose is used to connect this product to nitrogen source. Then, rotate the central spindle counterclockwise to open the gas valve of accumulator to adjust gas pressure. Please be noted that if the gas pressure is only to be detected or reduced, this hose is not necessary.
    1. PC Hydraulic Accumulator Charging KitThe PC hydraulic accumulator charging kit is applicable for the pressure detection, pressure adjustment and pressurization process for bladder and piston accumulators. During working stage, one end is connected to the gas valve of accumulator, and the other end is connected to nitrogen gas cylinder with the help of a flexible hose
    1. CQJ Hydraulic Accumulator Charging KitThe CQJ hydraulic accumulator charging kit is mainly designed for pressure detection and pressurization process for accumulators. During pressurization process, the gas pressure inside nitrogen cylinder must be higher than the final value that is required by the accumulator. In addition, this product should work together with industrial nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen charging device.

Hydraulic Accumulator Charging Kit

The hydraulic accumulator charging kit is mainly composed of storage case, valve body (with M28×1.5 internal thread), central spindle, non-return valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, charging hose (typically 3 meters long), connection adapter, spanner wrench, gas valve torque wrench, pull rod and extension segments, etc.

This product is used to charge nitrogen for bladder type, piston type and diaphragm type accumulators, and it can also work as pressure tester and adjustor, too. For our charging kit, the pressure gauge is imported from Germany, the charging hose is flexible high pressure type with small diameter, and the connection adapters are supplied in a complete series to realize universal use. So, it is highly recommended.

1. Gas valve: 7/8-14 UNF, 5/8-18 UNF, 8V1, M28×1.5, M27×1.5, M16×2, M14×1.5
2. Working range for pressure gauge: 10Mpa, 25Mpa (typical value), 40Mpa, 60Mpa

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