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    1. Bladder AccumulatorThe bladder accumulator is comprised of pressure resistant shell, elastic bladder, gas valve, poppet valve, fluid port and other components. This product could be made into different sizes to fit for a number of hydraulic systems, and it shows some superb properties as listed below.
    1. Piston AccumulatorAs the name implies, our piston accumulator uses a piston to separate gas and fluid, and a sealing system is applied between the piston and the internal surface of the cylinder. This product shows the advantage of long service life and superior compatibility with ambient temperatures, but it is not very sensitive which makes it not applicable for pulsation dampening.
    1. Diaphragm AccumulatorThe diaphragm accumulator is constructed by combining two hemispherical shells together, and a rubber diaphragm is set between these two halves to separate gas and fluid. Our product shows an extremely small weight to volume ratio, and it is very sensitive. So, it can offer remarkable performance when dampening pulsation in low pressure hydraulic lines. Meanwhile, the rubber diaphragm has a small area, which means gas expansion is limited. As a result, the gas precharge pressure couldn't be too high, and the effective volume is not too big.
    1. Accumulator CombinationOur product is designed on the basis of requirements of hydraulic stations, such as working pressure, working condition, flow rate and other parameters, to ensure that it best suits our customer's needs, and good compatibility is also guaranteed.
      Compared with similar devices supplied by other manufacturers, our accumulator combination is ASME, CE and SELO certificated. Moreover, owing to the superb quality and performance, our production standard is taken as the Chinese national standard, and we are dominating this industry in China.

Hydraulic Accumulator

A hydraulic accumulator is a pressure storage reservoir in which a non-compressible hydraulic fluid is held under pressure by an external source. The external source can be a spring, a raised weight, or a compressed gas.

Our product is gas charged, and it mainly contains four types which are bladder type, piston type, diaphragm type and combined type. These products have similar operating principle and structure. Let's take the bladder type as an example.

Operating Principle
Our bladder accumulator is based on the considerable difference in compressibility between a gas and a liquid, enabling a large quantity of energy to be stored in an extremely compact form. The detailed working process is illustrated below.
A. The elastic bladder is installed inside the accumulator shell.
B. A kind of inert gas, usually nitrogen with pressure of P0, is filled into the bladder via a specified gas valve, and the gas expands, making the bladder take up the entire volume of the shell.
C. When the hydraulic line pressure P1 is higher than P0, hydraulic oil will enter into the accumulator and the bladder will be compressed. Thus, the gas volume is reduced to V1.
D. As the pressure of hydraulic line increases to P2, the volume of the compressed gas changes inversely, namely, drops to V2. At this time, the pressure balance between gas and liquid is set up. During this pressurization process, the volume difference between the minimum and maximum positions of the operating pressure could be shown as ΔV=V1-V2, and this represents the working fluid quantity (effective volume).

The bladder accumulator mainly consists of a steel-made shell, a bladder, a gas valve, and a fluid port that is equipped with check valve.

1. Accumulator Shell
The accumulator shell is a welded or forged pressure vessel that is made from chrome-molybdenum steel or carbon steel, while its design and production are compliant with relevant international standards. When it comes to accumulators for special purpose, the shell could be coated with nickel or be constructed by stainless steel.

2. Bladder
The bladder is a very important part for this product, and it is designed and fabricated by us in order to control the manufacturing process. Meanwhile, our bladders could be made from different materials, making them suitable for various working media and operating temperatures.

3. Fluid Port and Poppet Valve
The standard fluid port for hydraulic oil is made from high strength alloy steel, while ones for chemical medium and water are constructed by stainless steel. In this way, long service life and good anti corrosion performance are ensured. On the other hand, the poppet valve is used to prevent the bladder from extruding from fluid port, and it can also make the fluid flow freely. For high pressure type, a poppet valve is applied, while a disk with hole is adopted in low pressure type.

4. Gas Valve
All the accumulators are equipped with a gas valve for the purpose of charging gas.

Buccma Accumulator (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a professional accumulator designer and manufacturer, and we could provide various kinds of accumulators including bladder type, piston type, welded diaphragm type, threaded diaphragm type, low-pressure welded bladder type, stainless steel bladder type, stainless steel welded type, etc. In addition, relevant other accessories are also available.

These products are manufactured using leading-edge techniques and processing machines to guarantee the stable quality, and they are widely applied in a variety of fields, such as metallurgy, arms industry, mining machinery, engineering machinery, hydropower industry, petroleum and natural gas extraction equipment, etc. We are willing to and are able to provide worldwide customers with high quality products at reasonable price, and the meticulous after-sales service makes us distinct from other suppliers. Moreover, technical support and new product development for hydraulic projects are also supplied.

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